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3 Reasons why you should have CCTV cameras installed in your home

8 November 2016

1. Affordability
Security cameras are more affordable you might think. Generally, home owners opt for 5 cameras, generally being the bullet camera for the gate / yard entrance, the two main door entrances, the front yard, and the back yard. This covers most if not the entire yard and important sections of the house. For a high quality day and night vision 5 camera setup along with a 1TB hard-drive and installation, you should expect to pay around R7500. All components are durable and should you wish to upgrade, this is easily available.

2. Evidence
They say that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Surveillance cameras provide the hardest, most undeniable evidence. Many things happen in and outside our homes and at times, things happen repeatedly. Surveillance cameras provide evidence of what is going on in your home so that you can have piece of mind, which brings us to the 4th reason why you should have CCTV cameras installed.

3. Piece of mind
Picture a robber walking into your yard at around 2am while you're fast asleep and you forgot to lock the door. That's a story that no one wants to even think about. Now, picture the same scenario. This time the robber jumps in and he catches a glimpse of that red infra-red camera capturing his every move. He will definitely flee before getting to your door. The though of this alone helps give you a sense of safety. If you do have cameras installed in your home, it reduces the chances of criminals attempting to rob your home, and should they rob your home in your absence, you will get a chance to see who did it and allow justice to take place.